Mann Mad - original Manx merchandise.

Unique t-shirts, mugs, aprons, cards and accessories designed by Jan Quillin in the Isle of Man, (or Isle of Mann as it was traditionally known).

The t-shirts, aprons, cards, accessories and mugs are original, high quality, good value merchandise and a unique and unusual reminder of your visit to the Isle of Man as well as a way of representing Manx heritage when visiting other parts of the world.

Quality Isle of Man cotton t -shirts for men, women and children.
Hand-printed in six different and original, Manx designs
Aprons with Supermann and Wo!Man designs
Supermann mugs
Supermann tie and cufflinks
Manx greetings cards

Mann Mad - original and high quality, Manx t-shirts, cards, mugs, accessories and aprons. Designed in the Isle of Man by Jan Quillin.


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